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Article: The Biggest Growers Of Tulips Today?

Tulip Fields Holland Red Yellow

The Biggest Growers Of Tulips Today?

Dutch Holland Netherlands Tulip Fields Tulpen Red Yellow Pink Irrigation Tractor Trees

Despite the flower originating in the mountains of Central Asia, Tulip production today is dominated by the Netherlands, which despite its small size grows and ships over half (60%) of the world's annual Tulip bulb supply.

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Tulip Farmers World War Two Baskets Bulbs

Can You Eat Tulip Bulbs?

Although rarely used for food, Tulip Bulbs are edible and were used, with recipes, to prevent starvation during World War II - their taste resembles potatoes or onions!

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Tulip Mania Amsterdam Tulip Museum Price Graph

Price Of Tulips During Tulip Mania?

The most expensive Tulip Bulb ever sold was the Semper Augustus. Reliable historical sources show that a contract for a single bulb sold for 5,200 Guilders at the height of Tulip Mania, more than ...

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