Everything You Need to Know

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum walks visitors through the special history of the tulip—from its initial discovery to today. With a collection of curated photographs, videos, and beautifully designed scenes, visitors are transported to various centuries through the tulip’s world journey.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

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How long does a visit last?

An average stay is 20-25 minutes for visitors who are looking to get an overall idea of the tulip’s history. For those who really want to dive deeper into the subject and watch all the films, it takes about an hour.

The museum offers a comprehensive look at Holland’s favorite flower. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of tulips through photographs, videos, interactive displays and historical artifacts.

There are six main rooms that highlight the following subjects:

  • An introduction to the tulip
  • The wild tulip and its native surroundings
  • The tulip during the Ottoman Empire and its voyage to the Netherlands
  • The tulip trade during Holland’s 16th and 17th century, including Tulipmania and the subsequent crash
  • The growing of tulips, in the past and present
  • A film chronicling a year in modern tulip growing

Is the museum fun for children?

Most children ages 4 and up enjoy the museum because there is so much to see and do. The six connected rooms each differ in size and style.

We hope to stimulate a child’s imagination, including colorful pictures, a fairy tale-like depiction of the voyage of the tulip from Turkey to Holland and interactive displays, many at a child’s height. Various short and longer movies share additional information—sometimes of a practical nature and sometimes funny, but always interesting.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

The museum is located in a historical, canal-side house. As a result, the museum is unfortunately not equipped to handle wheelchairs at this time.

Can I buy tickets ahead of time?

Currently, tickets can only be purchased at the time of your visit. Cash or credit card is accepted.

Are there any discounts?

The standard entrance fee to the museum is € 5,00. Families of three or more pay € 10,00. Students pay a discounted rate of € 3,00 each.

Can I use my Dutch Museum Card?

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum does not participate in the Dutch Museum Card at this time.

Can I use the I Amsterdam Card?

Yes! Learn more about the I Amsterdam City Card here.

Are group visits allowed?

Space in the museum is limited. To ensure a comfortable experience, the number of visitors is restricted to 25 people at one time.

Why are there crosses in the logo?

The three crosses in the logo of the Amsterdam Tulip Museum represent the three crosses from Amsterdam's coat of arms. The coat of arms is thought to have been introduced in 1280, but the first documents referencing it are from 1419.

The style is known as an Andreas cross, which is named for an apostle who was martyred on a cross.

The meaning of the three crosses is a mystery, but there are various theories about their fundamental meaning. According to one version, they refer to the three plagues that Amsterdam has endured through the centuries: water, fire, and pestilence. However, it's strange to include such negative reminders in a coat of arms.

It is more likely that they represent the three places where the river Amstel could be crossed in olden times. These fordable places were essential for the origin and development of Amsterdam. Throughout the ages, the coat of arms changed many times, however the three crosses have remained.