Are Tulips Fragrant?

When we think of tulips, we rarely think of how they smell. Tulips are not known for being fragrant, but there are just a few tulips that have a slight fragrance.

Fragrant Tulips

The very subtle fragrance can add a dimension to the tulip experience. In particular, the following tulip species and cultivars have a touch of fragrance:

  • Tulipa turkestanica (creamy white), Tulipa tarda (yellow with white), Tulipa urumiensis (yellow), and Tulipa whittallii (bronze orange) have a refined, spicy scent.
  • Monte Carlo (yellow) blooms at the beginning of April and has a slight honey scent.
  • Prinses Irene (orange) and Yokohama (yellow) also flower in early April and have a subtle spicy scent.
  • Ad Rem (orange), Apeldoorn (red), and Golden Apeldoorn (yellow) flower later in April and have a sweet, heavy scent.
  • Angélique (creamy white with pink) blooms in May and has a subtle, fresh and sweet scent.
  • Orange Princess (orange), also flowering in May, has a honey scent.