Tulipa Grand Perfection Modern Rembrandt Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Tulip of the Week: Grand Perfection

Tulipa Grand Perfection Modern Rembrandt Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Creator: Blumex Export BV 
Registration date: June 2, 1999 
Cultivar Group: Triumph group 

A brilliant looking Tulip featuring flares of red on white, Tulipa "Grand Perfection" was first registered in 1999. Known as a "Modern Rembrandt", it was created in the image of the famous "Broken Tulips" - flowers infected by the Tulip Breaking or "Mosaic" virus that, while weakening the flower, also causes its colors to break in remarkable and beautiful ways (see our article on Broken Tulips - The Beautiful Curse here). 

In particular, Grand Perfection's red and white coloration resembles the most famous Tulip in history - the Semper Augustus, which was worth more than a house at the height of Tulip Mania (see our article on this flower here). Further, based on its ability to grow healthily and effectively, this flower was given the Award of Golden Merit by the British Royal Horticultural Society (this is in contrast to many Tulip bred for a specific look - they can often be very difficult to grow).

Image source: Fluwel Flowerbulbs

We are working in partnership with the KAVB to highlight the incredible variety of Tulips by sharing different flowers every week. The KAVB (Royal General Association for Bulb Culture), established in 1860, today acts as the international registration authority for all Tulips (along with several other flowers), and works to protect and support bulb growers around the world.

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