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Article: Tulip of the Week: Ice Cream

Tulipa Ice Cream Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Tulip of the Week: Ice Cream

Tulipa Ice Cream Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Creator: Vertuco BV
Registration date: August 18, 1999
Cultivar Group: Double Late group

One of the more 'out there' looking Tulips, Tulipa "Ice Cream" first appeared on the scene in 1999. Created by well-known breeding and distribution company 'Vertuco BV', it features soft pink petals at its base, with fluffy white petals pouring out on top, like a Sundae or scoop of, yes, ice cream. This particular Tulip was selected as its appearance helps to truly highlight how much variety exists in the world of Tulips - they truly come in all shapes and sizes!

Image source: Fluwel Flowerbulbs

We are working in partnership with the KAVB to highlight the incredible variety of Tulips by sharing different flowers every week. The KAVB (Royal General Association for Bulb Culture), established in 1860, today acts as the international registration authority for all Tulips (along with several other flowers), and works to protect and support bulb growers around the world.

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Tulipa Grand Perfection Modern Rembrandt Fluwel Flowerbulbs

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