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Article: Tulip of the Week: Akebono

Tulipa Akebono Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs

Tulip of the Week: Akebono

Tulipa Akebono Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs

Creator: Jn. Haakman & Zonen BV 
Registration date: July 3, 2007 
Cultivar Group: Double-Late group 

Tulipa Akebono is a full-figured Tulip from Japan, its name translating roughly to "Bright sky at Daybreak". While the semi-double flowers are large (featuring more petals than commonly known 'Triumph' Tulips), their pale yellow coloring, often accented with red and green blemishes, provides a surprising lightness and grace.

Also quite interesting is how this Tulip came into being. Unlike most, it was not bred, but formed as a "Sport" of another Tulip known as the 'Jewel of Spring'. A sport occurs when one part of a plant or flower displays unique, morphological differences from the rest - for example, Nectarines came into being as a 'sport' from a Peach. In this case, the sport was isolated and propagated into what is now its own breed - Akebono.

Image source: Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs

We are working in partnership with the KAVB to highlight the incredible variety of Tulips by sharing different flowers every week. The KAVB (Royal General Association for Bulb Culture), established in 1860, today acts as the international registration authority for all Tulips (along with several other flowers), and works to protect and support bulb growers around the world.

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