Tulipa Beauty of Spring Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Tulip of the Week: Beauty of Spring

Tulipa Beauty of Spring Fluwel Flowerbulbs

Creator: Firma Patrick van Steijn 
Registration date: February 11, 2004 
Cultivar Group: Darwin Hybrid group 

First registered in 2004, Tulipa "Beauty of Spring" is a member of the Darwin Hybrid group. Flowering mid-season, it features large, long-lasting flowers atop a tall stem (sometimes up to 24 inches). 

More importantly, this Tulip truly lives up to its name. Its large flowers are a soft yellow, feathered along the edges of the petals with a dusting of red. It is truly striking when planted en masse, or when clustered here and there in a perennial bed (or even arranged in a vase). As one site has noted - "Its flower is so pretty, it is almost as if it is illuminated from within."

Image source: Fluwel Flowerbulbs

We are working in partnership with the KAVB to highlight the incredible variety of Tulips by sharing different flowers every week. The KAVB (Royal General Association for Bulb Culture), established in 1860, today acts as the international registration authority for all Tulips (along with several other flowers), and works to protect and support bulb growers around the world.

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