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Article: Are Broken Tulips Still Grown Today?

Tulipa Tulip Broken Wakefield Flame Society

Are Broken Tulips Still Grown Today?

Tulipa Wakefield Flame Broken Tulip

Today's #TulipFact: While much of the industry avoids them, some specialist Tulip growers, breeders, and societies still breed Broken Tulips today. They find their beautiful streaks & flares to be irresistible despite the fact that this beauty is caused by the Tulip Breaking Virus (which will eventually wipe an infected breed from existence, and is the reason most of the Tulip industry now shuns these once treasured flowers).

Image courtesy of a specialist breeder society that requested to remain anonymous due to fears of high demand for the beautiful flower.

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Tulips Tulip Field Red Yellow Purple Dutch

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Little Girl Tulip Sniff Smell Fragrant Red Dutch

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