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Do Different Tulip Colors Have Different Meanings?

Tulip Field Red Yellow Purple Tulips Cultivated

Today's #TulipFact: Tulips, like many flowers, follow a theme where giving a bouquet can offer a unique and special message that changes depending on the color:

  • Red Tulips are a sign of true love - what one might give to a spouse on their anniversary.
  • Yellow Tulips are a statement of cheerful thoughts & positivity - something you might give to a friend to say ‘congratulations on a new job’ or to cheer somebody up. This is a nice change from the older, historical meaning of ‘Hopeless Love’, what one might give to a person they know will not return their feelings.
  • White Tulips are a way to ask forgiveness - they are an acknowledgement of having erred in some way, as well as sometimes a statement of being worthy to get it right (learning from the mistakes).
  • Purple Tulips declare the recipient to be royalty - giving to someone is telling them that they are your King or Queen.
  • Variegated (multi-colored) Tulips have been said to represent a statement 'beautiful eyes' on the recipient.

Even with these historical meanings, it is important to note that what Tulips truly say, like so much in the world, will depend more on each individual than what has been ‘historically known’. If your spouse has always loved Orange Tulips but disliked Red, then wouldn’t orange be a better sign of true love!?

Image source: Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs

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