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Article: Are Tulips Fragrant?

Little Girl Tulip Sniff Smell Fragrant Red Dutch

Are Tulips Fragrant?

Little Girl Tulips Smelling Tulips Red Tulips Dutch

Today's #TulipFact: Tulips are not the first flowers that you would think of as being fragrant, but there certainly are a number of tulips that are sweet-smelling: an extra reason to plant them in your garden!

In particular, the following species are known for their fragrance: 

  • Tulipa turkestanica (creamy white), Tulipa tarda (yellow with white), Tulipa urumiensis (yellow) and Tulipa whittallii (bronze orange) have a refined, spicy scent. 
  • Monte Carlo (yellow) flowers at the beginning of April and has a honey scent.
  • Prinses Irene (orange) and Yokohama (yellow) also flower in early April and have a spicy scent.
  • Ad Rem (orange), Apeldoorn (red), and Golden Apeldoorn (yellow) flower later in April and have a sweet, heavy scent.
  • Angélique (creamy white with pink) flowers in May and has a subtle, fresh and sweet scent.
  • Orange Princess (orange), also flowering in May, has a honey scent.

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