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Article: Different Kinds Of Tulips

Tulip Varieties 6-panel Red White Yellow Pink Purple Parrot

Different Kinds Of Tulips

Tulip Varieties six panel Red Yellow Purple White Dagger Parrot

Thousands of different types of Tulips exist. There is so much variety that growers have had to develop a complex classification system looking at shape, bloom season, heritage, etc.! In fact, there are fifteen distinct 'groups'.

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Tulip Mania Amsterdam Tulip Museum Price Graph

Price Of Tulips During Tulip Mania?

The most expensive Tulip Bulb ever sold was the Semper Augustus. Reliable historical sources show that a contract for a single bulb sold for 5,200 Guilders at the height of Tulip Mania, more than ...

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Semper Augustus Tulip Catalog Tulip Mania

What Caused The Beautiful Streaks On Some Famous Tulips?

The beautiful streaks of the Semper Augustus (pictured) and other famous Tulips - streaks that helped trigger a frenzy of demand during Tulip Mania - were also a curse. In the early twentieth cent...

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