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Article: The First Tulips in Europe

Explorer Pierre Belon French Sixteenth Century

The First Tulips in Europe

Pierre Belon French Explorer Tulip Le Mans Garden 

Although the Dutch dominate the European Tulip trade today, historians believe that the first European Tulips were actually French - grown by explorer Pierre Belon in his Le Mans garden in the 1550s after receiving bulbs during his travels. 

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Semper Augustus Tulip Catalog Tulip Mania

What Caused The Beautiful Streaks On Some Famous Tulips?

The beautiful streaks of the Semper Augustus (pictured) and other famous Tulips - streaks that helped trigger a frenzy of demand during Tulip Mania - were also a curse. In the early twentieth cent...

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Tulip Contract Futures Tulip Mania

Futures Contracts During Tulip Mania

No physical bulbs or Tulips were actually sold during the height of Tulip Mania during the winter months of 1636-1637. As all the bulbs were dormant underground, the wild trading and speculation i...

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