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Article: Do Black Tulips Exist?

Queen of Night Tulips Colorblends

Do Black Tulips Exist?

Black Tulips Paul Scherer Queen of Night Purple Field

Growers have sought for centuries a true, pure Black Tulip. While some have been close, even the very best resemble a deep shade of purple, and so the search remains for this "Holy Grail" of the Tulip world. 

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Suleiman The Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire

Where The 'Tulip' Gets Its Name

September 26, 2017 - Today's #TulipFact: The word "Tulip" actually comes from the Persian word for Turban, as the first to domesticate the beautiful flower were Ottoman Emperors!

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Tulip Farmers World War Two Baskets Bulbs

Can You Eat Tulip Bulbs?

Although rarely used for food, Tulip Bulbs are edible and were used, with recipes, to prevent starvation during World War II - their taste resembles potatoes or onions!

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