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Article: Are New Tulips Still Being Bred?

KAVB Tulip Registry Royal Horticultural Society 2015

Are New Tulips Still Being Bred?

KAVB Royal Horticultural Society Dutch Registry Page 2015

Tulip breeders are as active today as they ever were, and are creating new hybrids and genetic lines all the time. In 2015 alone, approximately 150 new, unique breeds were registered with the Royal General Bulb Grower's Association (in Dutch - Koninklijke Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollencultuur or 'KAVB'). Visit their website by clicking here.

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Tulip Queen of Night Black Colorblends

What Is The Darkest Tulip Out There?

The 'Paul Scherer', descended from the legendary 'Queen of Night' and other dark Tulips, is the collective result of centuries of breeding, and closer than any Tulip in history to being a true 'Bl...

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Red Tulips Wild Mountainside Snow Flowers Yellow

What Climate Is Best For Tulips?

Tulips originated in the mountainous high plains of Southwest and Central Asia. As a result, they typically grow best in cool, dry climates with a lot of sun (for the most part, Tulips don't like ...

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