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Article: The Fancy Names Of Golden Age Tulips

Viceroy Tulip Catalog Tulip Mania

The Fancy Names Of Golden Age Tulips

Viceroy Tulip Famous Broken Purple White Tulip Mania

To stand out during Tulip Mania, growers did everything they could in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. One such effort was giving their Tulips noble, exalted titles. Some well-known examples today are Semper Augustus, Viceroy (pictured), Admiraal, and Paragon.

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Tulip Contract Futures Tulip Mania

Futures Contracts During Tulip Mania

No physical bulbs or Tulips were actually sold during the height of Tulip Mania during the winter months of 1636-1637. As all the bulbs were dormant underground, the wild trading and speculation i...

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Emanuel Sweert Sweerts Florilegium Catalog Tulip Tulip Mania

The First Commercial Catalog In Europe

Tulips were actually the driver behind Europe's first ever commercial catalogue.  Although Amsterdam and Tulips now seem as synonymous as Holland and windmills, the flower is not originally Dutch...

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