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Article: Remove Tulip Heads As Soon As They Start To Wilt

Removing Tulip Heads Gif Tulip Queen of Night Perennialization

Remove Tulip Heads As Soon As They Start To Wilt

Today's #TulipFact: In the wild, Tulips begin to produce seeds near the end of their flowering, when the petals begin to wilt. These seeds are great for wild flowers as they spread in the wind and, over time, create new and beautiful Tulips. In the garden, however, we want to avoid this!

The production of seeds requires a lot of energy, and that energy typically comes at the expense of the bulb. It is recommended to remove Tulip heads as soon as the flowers begin to wilt, preventing seed development as well as maximizing the area of green exposed to the sun. This allows maximum energy to go into the bulb, replenishing its stores of starch and maximizing the chances that it will flower again next year!

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