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Article: Do Multi-Headed Tulips Exist?

Tulipa Antoinette Multi-Headed Tulip Pink And Yellow Suttons Seeds

Do Multi-Headed Tulips Exist?

Tulipa Antoinette Multi-Headed Tulip Pink And Yellow Suttons Seeds

Today's #TulipFact: When most of us think of Tulips, we imagine each bulb producing a single flower atop a stiff stem. But this is not always the case - some Tulip breeds can produce two or even four flowers from a single bulb - a veritable "single-bulb bouquet".

Part of what makes Tulips so special is their incredible variety. In color, in height, in shape, in patterns, in seemingly everything - no two Tulips are alike.

And one of the more interesting variations out there is in the number of flowers from a single bulb. Most Tulips are your typical one bulb, one stem, one flower. But some breeds produce four or more flower stalks from a single bulb - the aptly named "multi-headed" Tulips. 

Bulbs of these varieties are less common than their single-headed cousins, but can definitely be worth the search for those interested. The main stem splits into several offshoot stems that will each have their own flower head, creating a beautiful, dense arrangement upon bloom (often a perfect bunch for cutting and putting in a vase).

Colors can vary based on the breed or even with time. Tulipa "Antoinette" - one of the more popular multi-headed Tulips - has blooms that transition slowly from yellow to pink. Other breeds include 'White Bouquet' (white), 'Florette' (yellow & red), 'Aquila' (yellow with red fringe), 'Nightclub' (magenta), and more!

The bulbs are generally quite large (they're packing enough energy for several heads!), but when it comes to growing and planting, they are just like any other Tulip. Plant in the Fall, ensure well-drained soil, and pick a place with lots of sun :).

Image source: Suttons Seeds

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