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Article: Do Blue Tulips Exist?

Blue Tulip Publishing Dew

Do Blue Tulips Exist?

Blue Tulips White Background Blue Tulip Publishing

While the Black Tulip gets all the attention as the Holy Grail of the Tulip world, there is another prominent color missing from the Tulip spectrum: no true Blue Tulip has ever existed (although some sellers will try to draw consumers by calling certain shades of violet or lilac 'Blue Tulips'). Image source: Blue Tulip Publishing (visit their website here).

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Johannes Bosschaert Stilleven met Tulpen Still life with flowers

Why Are Tulips Common In Dutch Art?

Following their introduction in the late 16th century, the Dutch rapidly became infatuated with Tulips. This resulted in Tulips deeply permeating the art and literature of the Dutch Golden Age, su...

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Broken Tulip Wakefield Flame Red White Blended

Broken Tulips In The Time Of Tulip Mania

During Tulip Mania, growers were desperate to breed so called 'Broken' Tulips - those with bold and beautiful streaks (as in the featured image). While breaks were eventually found to be caused b...

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