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Article: Caring For Cut Tulips

Caring For Cut Tulips

Caring For Cut Tulips

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When you buy Tulip flowers or 'cut Tulips', you will want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Here are some simple suggestions to help you do just that:

  • Before placing flowers in their final location, wrap them up in an old newspaper and leave them for an hour in a vase with clean water and nutrients meant for cut flowers.
  • Always use a clean vase and clean water as this prevents risk of harmful compounds or other factors that can reduce the life of the cut flower.
  • With a sharp knife, cut the white end of the stem slantwise before arranging the flowers in the vase.
  • When arranging, keep in mind that Tulips will continue to grow in the vase.
  • Place the cut Tulips in a cool spot in the evening as warm rooms during the night will reduce the flowers lifetime.
  • Narcisses or Daffodils should not be placed in the same vase as Tulips. Narcisses produce a toxic material which has a negative influence on other flowers if they are in the same vase.

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