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Xx Delft Blue Paper Tulip Flower Pyramid

Xx Delft Blue Paper Tulip Flower Pyramid

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Pyramid-shaped flower holders are the highlight of the Delft pottery industry. Not only is the stacked construction of these 17th century tulip vases highly impressive, the quality of the painting is typically very high.  

Most of the flower pyramids, which today typically reside in museums, were made in Delft at the end of the 17th century. They were commissioned by Mary II, the English wife of Willem III, Ruler of the Netherlands and King of England from 1688 to 1702. Her love for flowers, gardens, and Delft blue pottery led to a large collection of vases across her many palaces in the Netherlands and England.

This paper set allows you to build your own Delft Blue Flower Pyramid at home. Some information about this product:

  • Creates a flower pyramid made entirely of card
  • Extensive construction instructions included
  • No scissors or glue required
  • Designed to hold both flowers and water
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