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About Us

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum was started to as a way to both open up Tulips to a new generation as well as to share a deeper experience with long-time Tulip Fanatics. Our goal is to educate, excite, and all around just share our love for this storied flower and its rich history.

For those lucky enough to make it to Amsterdam, we'd love for you to stop by the museum at Prinsengracht 116 (just across the canal from the Anne Frank House). But for those that either can't make it or simply want to experience it again, we have brought some of the museum experience to the internet for all Tulip Fanatics to enjoy.

We hope you will check out the virtual museum tour sharing the incredible story of the Tulip, or stop by our popular store to pick up something for yourself or the Tulip Fanatic in your life. For bulbs, while we do not offer them today, we are looking to do so starting next year (and if you send us an email, we are happy to recommend an option or two).

Thank you again for stopping by! And remember, with the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, it's Tulip Time year-round. 


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