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Jacob Marrel Tulip Coaster Sleeve (6x)

Jacob Marrel Tulip Coaster Sleeve (6x)

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6 cork-based coasters featuring different, unique designs from famed German still life artist Jacob Marrel. A watercolor painter, Marrel was highly active during the Dutch golden age, and while not Dutch himself, he studied in the Netherlands for many years with famous flower painter de Heem.

Some facts about these sleeves:

  • Each sleeve contains six (6) unique coasters
  • Cork-backed and easy to clean
  • Heat resistant up to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit (90 Celcius)
  • To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Immersion in water is not recommended and could damage the coasters
  • Not for use as a hot plate or table mat
  • Each coaster is 4.2" x 4.2"
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