Visitors to Amsterdam often buy famous Dutch flower bulbs to take home as gifts or souvenirs. Unfortunately not every vendor that caters to tourists follows best practices. Some don’t offer top quality bulbs, worse still some sell leftover product no longer suitable for planting. Things are different at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum shop. The small museum’s shop has been a trusted source of top quality bulbs since 2004.

Currently it‘s summer bulb season at the museum shop. Fresh supplies of beautiful dahlias, eucomis, begonias and other summer blooming bulbs are in stock, suitable for planting now through June. In addition to being a trusted source, the newly renovated shop offers very good prices. North American visitors will be happy to find pre-certified bulbs with stickers that will allow the bulbs to safely clear U.S. and Canadian customs (warning: in both countries, customs officials confiscate uncertified bulbs). The museum’s friendly multi-lingual staff is knowledgeable about flower bulbs and other gardening topics.

Year-round, the shop offers bulbs that are appropriate for the current planting season. In fall, for example, the bulbs of spring-blooming tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums, lilies and more are offered. In fall and winter, the selection features big beautiful amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs.

Flower fanciers will also enjoy browsing the shop’s carefully curated stock, including antique hand-painted Delft tiles and tulip-themed vases, jewelry, trays, fine linens and tea towels, aprons, books, reproduction tile designs, handbags, totes, artwork, and more. Traditional tulip-themed Turkish bowls and plates, leaded-glass sun catchers plates, and linen tea towels are often favorites. Shoppers will also find an assortment of children’s items and simply silly souvenirs.


The Amsterdam Tulip Museum walks visitors through the special and suspenseful history of the tulip—from its initial discovery to the ways in which it is represented in today’s mediums. With a collection of curated photographs, videos, and beautifully designed scenes, visitors are transported to various centuries throughout the tulip’s beloved world journey. 

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“I think people should come to this museum because it’s such a small little quirky find. It’s very enjoyable. It has something for everyone: people who like picturesque things, people who like history, and people who just want something to do in Amsterdam.” ~ Renica, London

“It gives you the whole history of how tulips got to Holland, and now to the biggest exporter in the world, it’s actually brilliant to know all about it. The tulip garden season is open from March to May, only about 50 days in Holland. If you want to experience tulips after that season, I think this museum is a great way to do it.” ~ Priyanka, New Delhi

“I like the layout, it’s nice and colorful.” ~ Emily, Ipswich

“People should come to the museum because they will find a lot more variations of tulips. I found some flowers that are very nice, that I wouldn’t have figured were tulips.” ~ Gabriel, Cyprus